Wisper electric bikes

Wisper electric bikes

For over a decade Wisper electric bikes has been one of the UK’s best loved and respected electric bike brands, with many loyal fans who would not be seen riding anything else. Their success is built on four founding principles:

British design; building the right bikes for the people who will ride them
Latest technology; continual development to stay ahead of the pack
Quality assured; keeping customers coming back for more
Keenest prices; enabling more and more people to move up to the future of cycling

Wisper electric bikes are unique in their approach to electric bike design. They have chosen to keep three frames as the mainstay of their range; folder, stepthrough and crossbar. Around this they have added a choice of ‘torque’ or ‘cadence’ drive, and built a variety of bikes which fit most of their customers’ preferences. They offer two battery types, a standard 375 Wh and a super-range 575 Wh, which fit all the bikes in the range. This versatility and flexibility allows the best quality and the keenest prices.

Here’s how we judge quality: we are still surprised when Wisper owners bring in bikes they bought over 8 years ago that still perform as well as the day they were bought!

Ebike Centres is proud to be a Wisper supplier and Qualified Service Centre. We offer their full range of torque and cadence electric bikes and we have a demonstration bike at our Leicester showroom. Our test rides follow quiet one way streets with a big hill that will show you just what an electric bike will do!

Join the thousands of satisfied Wisper electric bike riders who have chosen this brand in the last decade – and choose the best!

Best design, technology, quality and prices – try a Wisper ebike and ride the future of cycling!

Wisper electric bikes

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