Wisper 905 TORQUE 2017


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Wisper 905 TORQUE 2017

Sold by us just 6 months ago. We are offering this fabulous 905 TORQUE with 18 months manufacturers warranty on the battery, motor, electrics and all other non-consumable items. The frame also comes with the remainder of the 4 year manufacturers warranty. Virtualluy ‘as new’ condition.


The Wisper 905 Torque brushless motor delivers an incredible 85 Nm (Newton-metres) of torque, possibly the highest torque output of any road legal motor on the market. This means a lot on a Torque bike! Torque bikes works on pedal pressure, unlike ‘Cadence’ bikes which work on pedal rotation.

The 250W (Watts) motor is highly efficient and compact when used with Wisper’s unique software. The almost silent power unit will give instant power when moving off from a standstill and can handle even the steepest of hills. Maximum power is delivered at the moment you apply pressure to the pedals, especially useful on uphill starts.

Comes with original tamperproof sealed 375 Wh battery and genuine charger.

At £899, that’s a massive £700 saving off the same new bike!!