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Cycle recovery service for only £15 per year

Cycle recovery

Cycle Recovery is the perfect low cost breakdown and recovery service available for cyclists. Cycle Recovery is a 24 hours a day and 365 days a year service and at only £15 per year (£1.25 per month) is a popular cycle product for those wanting that extra peace of mind when they go for a cycle ride.

UK-wide service when you need it

If you require assistance anywhere in the UK at least one mile from your home simply phone Cycle Recovery. The policy offers up to 3 call-outs per policy year and a message service to notify family/employer of your situation, so no need to panic it will all be in hand.

When disaster strikes we get you moving again!

Accidents, vandalism and irreparable breakdowns (including punctures) are covered and the rider and cycle can be taken to one of the following: Cycle Repair Shop, Railway Station, Car Rental Agency, Overnight Accommodation and Home Address.
Please note that this is a recovery service to get you home or to a safe place where you can arrange to have your bike fixed – we do not perform roadside repairs.

If you need a legal team – we can help!

It’s a scary thought thinking you might be involved in an accident but rest assured if ever necessary for a non fault accident you have access to our specialist legal team.

If you are involved in an accident which is someone else’s fault then our specialist legal team are vastly experienced in recovering compensation on behalf of those on two wheels for your injuries and your expenses. Using the latest technology we can arrange rehabilitation including physiotherapy to ensure you recover as quickly as possible. For full terms & conditions please phone 0845 607 0337

Join up online for Cycle Recovery NOW!

You may never need it, or disaster may strike tomorrow. For on £15 per year why worry about being stranded miles from home with a flat tyre? Join online now by clicking the link below:
Cycle recovery