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About ebikes

Electric bikes are often called ebikes

Ebike is the short name for an electric bike; simply a bicycle powered by an electric motor. You can pedal it like a normal bike for fun or exercise. The great thing about ebikes is that when you need a boost of power the engine can be switched on using the control at your fingertips.
 Imagine having all the fun of cycling without the bits you don’t like; power to your pedal means it is downhill all the way!

Electric bikes in Leicester


Electric bikes for work!

Enjoy your time
We all know that we should be getting more exercise for our health, but the thought of going to work on your bike may be putting you off. 
No sweat… literally! With an ebike you can start to enjoy your morning commute and arrive fresh and relaxed. Simply switch on the power and sail past those traffic jams. At a top speed of 15 mph you can cover 4 miles in just over 15 minutes.

Perfect for leisure!

Be creative
Electric bikes are perfect for enjoying time out. Trips into town or out to the country; shopping or visiting friends can all be done without checking bus timetables or filling the petrol tank. 
Electric bikes can be taken on to many types of train, and our folding electric cycles can fit into the boot of the car for a longer journey or holiday.

An electric bike for the whole family!

Smart WP options
Anybody aged 14 years or over can ride an electric bike, and no licence or road tax is required. So it is the perfect way for everyone in the house to get around economically. Ideal for work or college, shopping or getting to the football match. In fact you might soon start to wonder what to do with the car!


Running Costs & Savings!

Have you ever calculated how much you spend on your car? Road tax, insurance, petrol, servicing, repairs and devaluation; the costs mount up very quickly. And we all know they are not coming down. 
Our wide range of ebikes all use modern high energy lithium batteries, with ranges up to 60 miles and electricity costs of much less than 1p per mile. They are all supplied with a manufacturer’s guarantee on frame, motor and battery. So you should be able to look forward to thousands of miles of happy cycling. 
And don’t forget that your ebike centre is always here to help with any questions you have.



Range and battery

We are often asked about the range of an ebike. As you would expect, this depends on riding conditions and the capacity of the battery.

Riding conditions which influence range include:
  • The steepness or flatness of the roads
  • The road surface and tyres (flat roads and correctly inflated tyres give better range)
  • The weight of the cyclist
  • Strength of any head winds and the temperature (cold weather reduces the range a little)
  • The power level you are using (you will get a much greater range if you provide some pedal assistance, and a lower range if you only use the throttle)
Our modern Lithium batteries:

There are different types of lithium battery but their capacity is measured in Amp Hours (Ah), and along with voltage this gives a good idea of the range. On our web site we specify the capacity of the batteries available with each model of ebike, but remember that this assumes you will do some of the pedalling yourself. The range will be lower if you rely solely on the motor to push you along.
Charging your battery couldn’t be easier; your electric bike comes with a charger similar to a laptop battery charger. Just plug the charger into a three pin mains socket, connect the battery, and your battery will recharge in 2 – 6 hours (depending on capacity).

Legal Requirements

All our ebikes comply with EU regulations and have a motor of not more than 250 Watts, and are limited to 15 mph. They are therefore classified as bicycles. 
For this reason they are not subject to road tax or MOT. Riders must be aged 14 years or over.
 Cycle helmets are not compulsory; however we always advise that helmets, safety gear and high visibility clothing be worn at all times. 
Insurance is not compulsory, but it is a sensible precaution against the possibility of theft and third party liability. We can offer you very competitively priced insurance which is designed for electric bikes – see this web site or ask us for details.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric bikes waterproof?

Not exactly ‘waterproof’ – we wouldn’t advise throwing them in a river! But they are designed to be water resistant. At Ebike Centres we ride our ebikes to and from work all winter and we never have any problem in the wet. Just like an ordinary bike we would advise you to lubricate the chain and keep it free of grit and dirt. Try to keep your ebike out of heavy rain for long periods of time, and if you are storing it outside we sell bike covers which protect your bike from downpours.

Can you recharge an electric bike by pedaling it?

No, there are no electric bikes which you recharge by pedaling. The reason is that you would have to pedal your ebike so hard to recharge your battery that you wouldn’t enjoy the ride – too much like hard work. Besides, electric bikes only cost about a penny of electricity for three miles, so why make life difficult? There are a few ‘high end’ electric bikes that now offer a system called ‘regenerative braking’. This means that when you apply your brakes the motor is used to generate electricity and recharge your battery. It is quite new in electric bikes and it only provides a 5% to 20% increase in range. But it’s a nice idea.

Does an electric bike need a lot of expensive servicing or maintenance?

An electric bike is 90% bicycle and 10% electric. So most of the routine tasks are day-to-day cycle maintenance. Wwe advise that you lubricate your ebike and check your tyre pressure once a month. Depending on how much you are using your electric bike then we advise you bring it in to Ebike Centres in Leicester city centre for a routine service once a year – or every six months if you are using it a lot. If you bought your ebike from Ebike Centres we charge the same price as a standard bicycle service.