Ebike Centres | Electric Bike Shop | Leicester, East Midlands UK

Ebike Centres | Electric Bike Shop | Leicester, East Midlands UK

0116 254 0888 | info@ebike-centres.co.uk


Ebike services in Leicester; for Choice, Quality & Value!

free ebike assemblyOur aim is to be the East Midland’s No. 1 choice for electric bike services, accessories, servicing and repairs. To be No. 1 you have to offer more than anyone else!

Judge for yourself!

  • FREE test rides on as many electric bikes as you like before you make a decision. EVERY bike in our Leicester city centre showroom is a test bike. It’s the ONLY way to buy an electric bike
  • FREE assembly of your ‘Ebike Centres’ electic cycle by our experienced technicians
  • FREE 6 week service on your new ‘Ebike Centres’ electric cycle
  • FREE tyre pressure checks, advice and information services any time we are open by our friendly showroom staff on Granby Street, in Leicester city centre
  • FULL BACKUP SERVICES: Our workshop mechanics and technicians are available to provide servicing and repairs, ensuring years of happy ebiking!
  • OPTIONAL: 0% FINANCE available on all FreeGo, Raleigh and Haibike ebike models (requires credit chack)
  • OPTIONAL: Great value specialist electric bike insurance cover with automatic 3rd party cover included, and a 10% discount if you fit an Immobitag.
  • OPTIONAL: Immobitag security tag fitted by us (upon request)
  • OPTIONAL: Breakdown / Cycle Recovery cover anywhere in the UK to return you to the nearest of these locations; home, bike shop, hotel, train station. Only £15/year.