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Electric bike reviews

Nobody should buy an electric bike without doing two things – reading the reviews and trying it out! Our electric bike reviews are written by people like you. Find out why they chose their electric bike, what they use it for, and what they think of it.

At Ebike Centres we know that choosing an electric bike takes time. Everybody is different; some like to read about them first before trying a few out and others prefer to plunge straight in and try out a few ebikes before doing their research. Whichever type you are, we do our best to help you.

With a full range of demo electric bikes at our showroom in Leicester city centre you are welcome to try as many or as few as you like to help you make your decision.

But, just as important, we invite you to read through the opinions and reviews of other customers who have actually bought an electric bike:

– Why did they buy it?
– What are they using their ebike for?
– Did it live up to expectations?
– Are they happy with their electric bike?

Read their electric bike reviews below and (hopefully) you will soon be writing your own review!

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