Wisper 705 Torque Step-through

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The Wisper 705 Torque is amazing value for an ebike of such quality and performance.

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The Wisper 705 Torque step-through is a superb low-step version of their latest range of lectric bikes. Bringing their ‘best of British’ design skills to electric bikes, their 705 Torque stepthrough is an impressive electric bike by any measure.

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The ‘step-through’ design is Ebike Centres’ most popular style of electric bike for good reason; easy to get on and off without throwing your leg over the whole length of the bike just makes sense. But for those commuting in a suit with long trousers or skirt it also looks more ‘dignified’!

Double walled alloy 26″ wheels make this ebike nimble and maneuverable; ideal for both the ‘daily commute’ and long days out during the summer. The Wisper 705 Torque comes with two battery optios – standard 375 Wh and mega-range 575 Wh (in ‘oldspeak’ this works out at 10.4A h and 16 Ah).

What makes a Torque bike different? Torque bikes work on pedal pressure, unlike ‘Cadence’ bikes which work on pedal rotation. This brings much greater efficiency, and even the 375 Wh battery it is capable of a range of up to 50 miles. The 575 Wh battery can achieve an impressive 75 miles – certainly enough for one day of cycling!
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Why should you buy a Wisper 705 Torque?

The Wisper 705 Torque gives instant power when moving off from a standstill. Maximum power is delivered at the moment you apply pressure to the pedals; especially useful on uphill starts! The Wisper 705 Torque has a compact, almost silent motor which will handle even the steepest of hills. It’s efficiency is helped by the fact that you are always pedaling – this means that you also benefit from gentle, low-impact exercise!
The Wisper 705 Torque has clear and easy to use controls and dashboard, with quality components that wll last for years.
Don’t just take our word for it – come and take a test ride at Ebike Centres in Leicester and see why we shout about Wisper!

705 Torque with 375Wh battery £1,699

705 Torque with 575Wh battery £1,899

705 Torque with 700Wh battery £2,149

Why you should buy from Ebike Centres
* Great location – Leicester city centre, by the train station, with Dover Street car park just around the cornet
* Knowledge – we know our stuff and we take time to explain everything you want to know
* Free test ride – buying an electric bike is like buying a pair of shoes; without trying it first how do you know it fits?
* Advice – everyone at Ebike Centres is a trained mechanic, and we all ride our own electric bikes. So we know what we are talking about.
* Professionally built – built for you in our own showroom workshop
* Tested – we road test ride every bike before we sell it
* Delivery – we deliver free anywhere in Leicester, or to your nearest train station as far as Birmingham, Derby, Nottingham, Peterborough or Bedford
* Follow up – we give you a free complimentary service after 6 weeks after you have ‘run-in’ your bike, to adjust your brakes and gears
* Servicing – we offer our customers discounted rates on their annual service
* Warranty – WE accept responsibility for taking care of your warranty in the rare case (in spite of all the above) that you have a problem
* Excellence – at all times we do our best for you, from start to finish. Guaranteed!
Why accept less?

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1 review for Wisper 705 Torque Step-through

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’m really pleased with this bike. It rides well, and is quieter than the other electric bikes I have tried (barely noticeable motor noise amongst traffic). I find it comfortable, and the step-through frame makes it easy to get on and off. It doesn’t stand out from the crowd too much – subtle colouring and elegant shape.

    It doesn’t feel too different to a conventional bike, though it takes a little getting used to having a motor. I tend to use mostly levels 2 and 3, with 4 on steep hills, or when wanting to make quick progress. The ‘F’ level (cadence option) feels less natural and races ahead, but is useful when wanting to go fast without much effort (best when not needing to stop/start much) – good to have as a back-up or when in a hurry. It’s great to be able to cycle longer distances again. The disc brakes are good. Gears change easily, although I don’t need to change them much. Great to have a display to see mph, distance travelled, and also time of day (useful when commuting). Also, the torrential rain we’ve had doesn’t seem to affect it (I commute in all weathers!). The throttle can be handy when you need a quick boost, when pushing the bike, or needing to pull away quickly, but if starting on a torque level the assist is virtually instant anyway. Compared to some electric bikes I tried it doesn’t drag when you stop pedalling and coast.

    I have the smaller battery and it seems to do up to 50 miles on a full charge (obviously depends what levels of assist you are using, and the riding conditions). I found that the battery indicator on the display is a bit vague, and the number of bars will drop down one or even two on heavy use (steep hills), so worth keeping an eye on how many miles since the last charge – at least you can continue pedalling even when it dies on you, but be warned it is hard work – electric bikes are very heavy (twice the weight of my non-electric hybrid!). I believe the torque is more efficient than the cadence. Although easy to manouevre when riding, it’s not so easy if you have to lift it. The battery can be easily removed (with key) for transporting the bike or charging the battery. Although it is very heavy (24kg incl. battery), I don’t think you’d get a lighter electric bike without paying a lot more.
    Worth noting that the bike rack as it comes does not currently accommodate click-on pannier bags (I have Ortlieb) – not enough room, but a bolt-on addition to the rack is available (AMPs supplied it) – just ask. This works fine. I think the manufacturers are redesigning the rack as they recognise the drawback. If you read the review of this bike on the Pedelecs website it says that the panniers do fit, but this was an earlier model of rack.

    Mustn’t forget to praise the great service from Liam at the Leicester Ebike centre. It was very helpful to have a good ride ride round, trying out the different levels and including hills, and to try different bikes.

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