Ex-Demo bike sale

Ex-demo bikes at prices you will love

As you know, we at Ebike Centres want you to come in and try out our fantastic electric bikes.
Over this wonderful summer we have come to know and love our ex-demo bikes very much. Every one of them, from the big performance bikes to the little folding bikes, has been nurtured and cared for by the tender hands of Keith our mechanic. They have been cleaned and lubed, tuned and honed to the peak of perfection so that you, our customers, can try them at their best.
But, alas, the summer is at an end and it is time to set them free.
So to you, dear customers, we offer these lovely bikes at much reduced prices in order that they will go to good homes and continue to be well cared for.
All our ‘pre-loved’ bikes are sold with a full manufacturer’s warranty and a free 6 month service.
Once sold they are gone. So come in and try them out today!
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