Cyclotricity electric bikes

Cycletricity offer a range of great value electric bikes which are designed and built in the UK.
Having UK-based design and production keeps costs down by avoiding having to transport bikes half way around the World. It also keeps prices low by avoiding currency costs.
Cyclotricity ebikes are well built, functional, stylish and offer exceptionally low running costs.
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Cyclotricity electric bikes come with a one year warranty against defect in manufacturing on the following:
Frame, hub motor, dashboard, electric brake levers, controller, throttle (if included with bike), battery and pedal sensor.
The warranty does not include brakes, gears, chains, cranks and all ‘wear & tear’ items such as brake blocks, cables, spokes, rims, forks etc.
Warranty can be extended to 2 years at time of purchase for £99.

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