Crossbar electric cycles…

…combine the tradional ‘gents’ frame with the power of an electric motor and lithium battery. For those who enjoy longer rides, or prefer to use their ebike without power for longer peiods of time, they may appreciate the lower riding position of these bikes. Our crossbar electric bikes come in a wide variety of colours and frame sizes, with the same range and staying power of all our other styles.
Below you will find a selection of our crossbar electric cycles. Why not come in to your ebike centre to try them out and choose your favourite?

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  • Cyclotricity Revolver crossbar electric bike

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  • Lectro Urban City

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  • EZEGO Commute EX (Gents)

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  • Emu Crossbar Electric Bike

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  • Wisper 905 SE Crossbar

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  • Westhill Energise Electric Bike

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  • Westhill Vogue Electric Bike

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  • Wisper 905 Torque Crossbar

    5.00 out of 5
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