Folding electric bikes are incredibly versatile

They combine a compact, lightweight and powerful electric motor with a modern lithium battery to give a range far beyond what you would expect from such a small ebike.
Folding ebikes can be lifted up stairs or will fit into a lift,. At home they can be stored in a hallway or cupboard. At work they can be stood in the corner of the office or under a desk.
Put it in the boot of a car for trips away. With boats and caravans they are a handy way of exploring the local area. Train commuters can ride to the station, take the bike on the train, and then continue riding your ebike to your final destination.
Take a look through our folding electric cycles below and come in to your ebike centre for a test ride.

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  • Cyclotricity Wallet folding electric bike

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  • Viking Gravity electric folding bike 8.8Ah

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  • Ecosmo Electric Folding Bike

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  • Emu Mini Black Electric Bike

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  • EZEGO Fold

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  • Wisper 806 Folding

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  • Jorvik Electric Folding Adult Tricycle

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  • Wisper 806 Torque Folding Bike

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  • DiBlasi R34 Electric Folding Trike

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