Electric Tricycles (Trikes)

Electric tricycles…

…also known as Electric Trikes, are powerful, versatile, and suited to many uses.
With their heavy load capacity and rear carrying basket they are suitable for businesses of all kinds; perfect for carrying tool kits or take-aways! Since they can be ridden by employees aged 14 years or above without a driving licence, insurance, road tax or MOT they make the ideal delivery vehicle for everything from parcels to Peking duck!
Electric trikes are also a great ways of getting around for people who do not feel comfortable riding a bicycle due to poor sense of balance or not being so confident. They are very stable and comfortable, and with a range of at least 10 miles they can take you almost anywhere.
Come and ask about electric tricycles at Ebike Centres on Granby Street in Leicester city centre (near the train station) and experience the fun and convenience of electric tryking!

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