Wisper 806 Torque Folding Bike


The Wisper 806 TORQUE has led the field for a decade and a generation of riders will tell you why…

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The Wisper 806 is ideal for transporting in a vehicle and is popular with campers, caravaners, boating enthusiasts or those with restricted storage. The frame has an exceptionally low step through at at 33cm making it ideal for those with restricted leg movement. The bike is also suitable for the shorter person having a minimum seat height of 73cm from the ground (approximately 25″ inside leg measurement).

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Why should you buy a Wisper 806 Torque?

The Wisper 806 Torque brushless motor delivers an incredible 85 Nm (Newton-metres) of torque, possibly the highest torque output of any road legal motor on the market. This means a lot on a Torque bike! Torque bikes works on pedal pressure, unlike ‘Cadence’ bikes which work on pedal rotation.

The 250W (Watts) motor is highly efficient and compact when used with Wisper’s unique software. The almost silent power unit will give instant power when moving off from a standstill and can handle even the steepest of hills. Maximum power is delivered at the moment you apply pressure to the pedals, especially useful on uphill starts.

The Wisper 806 Torque comes with a choice of batteries – 375 Wh and 575 Wh (equivalent to 10.4 Ah and 16 Ah). This is much more efficient, and even with the 375 Wh battery it is possible to achieve a range of 40 miles. The 575 Wh battery can achieve an impressive 60 miles on one charge – more than enough for one day of cycling!

The Wisper 806 Torque has clear and easy to use controls and dashboard, with quality components that wll last for years. But don’t just take our word for it – come and take a test ride at Ebike Centres in Leicester and see why we shout about Wisper!

806 Torque with 375Wh battery £1,699

806 Torque with 575Wh battery £1,899

806 Torque with 700Wh battery £2,149

Why you should buy from Ebike Centres
* Great location – Leicester city centre, by the train station, with Dover Street car park just around the cornet
* Knowledge – we know our stuff and we take time to explain everything you want to know
* Free test ride – buying an electric bike is like buying a pair of shoes; without trying it first how do you know it fits?
* Advice – everyone at Ebike Centres is a trained mechanic, and we all ride our own electric bikes. So we know what we are talking about.
* Professionally built – built for you in our own showroom workshop
* Tested – we road test ride every bike before we sell it
* Delivery – we deliver free anywhere in Leicester, or to your nearest train station as far as Birmingham, Derby, Nottingham, Peterborough or Bedford
* Follow up – we give you a free complimentary service after 6 weeks after you have ‘run-in’ your bike, to adjust your brakes and gears
* Servicing – we offer our customers discounted rates on their annual service
* Warranty – WE accept responsibility for taking care of your warranty in the rare case (in spite of all the above) that you have a problem
* Excellence – at all times we do our best for you, from start to finish. Guaranteed!
Why accept less?

Additional information


Load capacity

Maximum speed

Battery charge time


Range (with pedal assist)










Speed control unit


Colours available


Folded size

H=70cm/27.5", W=87cm/34", D=48cm/19"


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