Cyclotricity Revolver 9Ah crossbar electric bike


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The Cyclotricity Revolver is the perfect entry level electric bike, bringing together all the most important features you will need at an unbeatably competitive price.
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Whether your ebike is intended for commuting or leisure, the Cyclotricity Revolver offers an excellent combination of power, range, performance and stylish design.

Powered by a 250W brushless motor (the maximum which can be legally used on the roads), the Cyclotricity Revolver can handle all but the steepest hills, albeit with a bit of extra leg power if necessary on occasions. The front wheel hub motor is virtually silent, and gets to work almost as soon as you start to pedal.

Two battery sizes are available. The 9Ah ‘bottle type’ battery gives a range of 23 – 27 miles, and the 14Ah ‘streamline’ battery can achieve 38 – 50 miles (Note: subject to variables such as rider weight, terrain, headwinds, speed, tyre pressure).

With many extras not normally included in an electric bike within this price range such as disc brakes, lights, mudguards and carrier rack; the Cyclotricity is a perfect first step for someone new to electric bikes. Once you’ve tried it you won’t go back!
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Why you should buy from Ebike Centres
* Great location – Leicester city centre, by the train station, with Dover Street car park just around the cornet
* Knowledge – we know our stuff and we take time to explain everything you want to know
* Free test ride – buying an electric bike is like buying a pair of shoes; without trying it first how do you know it fits?
* Advice – everyone at Ebike Centres is a trained mechanic, and we all ride our own electric bikes. So we know what we are talking about.
* Professionally built – built for you in our own showroom workshop
* Tested – we road test ride every bike before we sell it
* Delivery – we deliver free anywhere in Leicester, or to your nearest train station as far as Birmingham, Derby, Nottingham, Peterborough or Bedford
* Follow up – we give you a free complimentary service after 6 weeks after you have ‘run-in’ your bike, to adjust your brakes and gears
* Servicing – e offer our customers discounted rates on their annual service
* Warranty – WE accept responsibility for taking care of your warranty in the rare case (in spite of all the above) that you have a problem
* Excellence – at all times we do our best for you, from start to finish. Guaranteed!
Why accept less?

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