Raleigh Protector 200 ‘U’ lock


The Raleigh Protector 200 is a longer ‘U’ lock giving greater reach



The Raleigh Protector 200 bicycle lock is a well designed ‘U’ lock which offers solid protection for your bicycle.
The Protector 200 is approximately 3cm longer than the protector 100, which allows bicycles to be locked to bike stands or posts which are a little futher away.
The 12mm hardened steel shackle has a double locking mechanism. The cyclinder is both pick and drill resistant, and the lock is a ‘deadlock’ to ensure you do not accidentally secure the lock without having your keys.
The Protector 200 comes with a spare key and a free, easy to use mounting bracket which you can use to carry the lock on your bike whilst not in use.
Our locks also have a soft coating to help prevent scratching your paintwork while using the lock.
Dimensions: 115mm x 292mm