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Four ‘E’asons why electric bikes and motorhomes go together

Motorhomes (and caravans) are the UK’s fastest growing type of leisure vehicle. What motorhomes offer their owners, more than anything else, is freedom. The ability to go and return when you please, travel wherever you like, and take all the comforts of home with you.
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We have seen the popularity of electric bikes among motorhome and caravan owners soar in recent years, and the reasons are clear. The four most popular which they mention to us in the shop are:

  1. Exploration
    Most owners of motorhomes say that their electric bikes give them the chance to explore an area ‘off the beaten track’. Whilst their motorhome is perfect for getting them as close as possible to their preferred destination, it is not much use for seeing the area in closer detail.
    Their electric bike gets then to the parts no car can reach; cycle routes through the countryside, along canal paths and coastal promenades, and into village centres where parking is difficult or impossible. With an average range starting from around 30 miles and climbing to over 100 miles, there is no better way to explore.
  2. Exercise
    Everyone loves the idea of going out for a bike ride, so what stops them? Hills are the number one excuse, but people often worry that they have not got the fitness or stamina for a full day out. That simply is not a problem with an electric bike.
    Electic bikes offer several levels of assistance with the touch of a button. Switch it off, and an electric bike is just a bicycle. But as you increase the power the bike becomes lighter and lighter, so that hills are no longer an obstacle.
    Don’t take our word for it; come and take a test ride at out shop in Leicester city centre. We’ll show you a proper hill, and a moment later you will be riding up it effortlessly!
    But don’t get the idea that ebikes are ‘lazy’. Even on full power you are still getting plenty of gentle non-impact exercise,building fitness and losing weight.
  3. Economy
    A typical electric bike covers 4 miles on just one pence of electricity. A full day out for 10p with no parking charges to worry about! Bring your charger with you and most pubs and restaurance will be happy to let you top up your battery if you are stopping for lunch or a drink.
  4. Environment
    Electric bikes are clean, quiet and cause minimal damage to the environment. They emit no fumes or smells, and if recharged from renewable sources they have zero carbon footprint.
    So when you travel to some of the most beautiful places in Britain and use your electric bike you know you are doing your best to reduce your impact on the places you visit.

Electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes, and no two ebikes feel the same to ride. Come and visit us at Ebike Centres in Leicester and we will chat to you about what you will be using your bike for, take you out for a test ride, and help you find the ebike which is just right for you. With probably the Midlands’ widest range of electric bike brands and models, you can be sure of the best service and choice. There are also suitable spaces nearby to park motorhomes, in case you want to drive your bike away there and then!

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