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Leicestershire by Ebike – Sunday 4 June 2017

This month’s ‘Leicester Ebike Rally’ will be meeting at Ebike Centres this Sunday 4 June 2017 for a fun and relaxed ride through the North Leicester and Leicestershire countryside.
Ebike Tour Great Central WayThe weather seems to have ‘settled down’ a bit, so hopefully we are finally getting in to summer. So it’s time to get out and start enjoying the great cycling of Leicestershire on our electric bikes.
This year we are starting off with something different, and will ‘head North’ to try something new. Still loads of great cycle trails, and hopefully some places you have not seen before.
Note of caution: Liam has tried out this route a couple of times in preparation, but has ended up somewhere different each time. So this first ride is for those hardy souls who are prepared to help Liam find his way back…
The total distance is about 25 miles, which we should do in about 3 hours including a ‘refreshment stop’ along the way. Bring along your own snacks and drink. This is getting towards the range limit of some bikes so we will keep to a steady 10 miles per hour or so.

Electric bike tour Willoughby WaterleysWant to take part?

Please Note: There is a limit of 12 riders on this ride. YOU MUST BOOK IN ADVANCE. If there is a lot of demand we will arrange another ride so that nobody is disappointed.
The start time of this ride on Sunday 4 June is 2.00pm at the Ebike Centres shop on Granby Street. If all goes well we should be back by 5.00pm, but don’t make plans for immediately after!
You will need a full battery and tyres at full pressure, and you may have to be prepared to do a bit of cycling – it depends so some extent on how efficiently you use your bike!


Free to customers who have bought their Ebike from us. Priority is given to customers who book by Friday 2 June at 3pm, before we start to take other bookings.
Friends of customers can join us for £20 if they have their own electric bike, but this MUST have a suitable range.
Friends of customers and anyone else in joining us can also rent an electric bike from us for £20. If you decide to buy one £20 will be knocked off the price of an ebike if you buy one from us. We have limited rental bikes available so contact us early.

To make a reservation

To make a reservation please email us at admin@ebike-centres.co.uk

Disclaimer of Liability – please read carefully
Please note that we will take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of this ride. All riders are required to wear helmets and are advised to wear a Hi-Viz vest or jacket. However, we cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any injury, illness, or death to participants. Neither do we accept any liability for any damage which you make to or cause to third parties.