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Motorhome owners’ move to electric bikes brings strong sales growth

Electric bikes have grown immensely in popularity over the last few years with motorhome owners, as we can tell by the amount of interest we get from customers who use them. Their ease of use means ebikes are ideal for people who go on long trips away in motorhomes, as they may have limited means of accessing local amenities.
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Small or folding ebikes can be stored easily, even for motorhomes with limited space, but full size electric bikes give greater range and can be carried without problem if a motorhome is fitted with a bike carrier. Electric bikes perform in the same way as regular bicycles but with the added benefit of electric motor assistance – meaning motorhome owners can get to local shops and tourist sites without hassle. They can also be used to help navigate tough terrain and scale hills. It takes less effort to maintain a steady speed on an ebike, so longer rides can be easily managed.

Modern styling and lightweight batteries make the bikes both aesthetically pleasing and practical. With a wide range of different kinds of ebikes to choose from, including torque bikes that adjust their speed to the exact pace that the rider is pedalling at, it is easy to understand why motorhomes and electric bikes are suited to each other.

Additional benefits of using electric bikes include saving money on fuel and parking, while also helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Despite having motors they require no MOT, road tax or driver’s license. At a comfortable 15mph, the rider can cover four miles in just over 15 minutes. The charge on an ebike costs about 1p for 3 miles.